Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pancakes and Pizza

Due to the difference in cost of living in California we have been forced to learn how to eat at home all week. This requires learning how to use all the fun kitchen gadgets that were still in boxes from our wedding. I knew we would need them someday that is why I registered for them. :) Nate and Brian have really been doing a fair amount of cooking! I of coarse help out, but Brian and Nate are more interested in the process. I would be good with a turkey sandwich or cheese and crackers. This is what we do at lunch time. One night while we were staying with my parents Brian and Nate made homemade pizza inspired by "Caillou". For those of you that don't know him you should check him out on sprout network. I was so proud of them, they even handmade the crust!

Nate picking out the toppings. They made two pizzas.
It was yummy!

Nate also loved making pancakes with PopPop while we were home!


  1. when i come visit, i expect nate to make me pizza & pancakes!!

  2. Sounds good, when you come visit we will make you whatever you want!