Sunday, January 31, 2010


While we were in Dallas we took a visit to one of Nate and Ben's favorite spots......Bonkers! Our friends the Weisbruchs from Houston drove up to join us as well as the Kulle family. The boys had so much fun reunited with all their TX best friends. Aunt B came with and did some climbing with the boys :) . I was proud of myself I even ventured in some tunnels. I can't help it the slides are really fun!
Mr. Nolan is a big boy and wanted to climb and follow the big kids! One of Nate's first friends ....Delaney
Shaelee (sorry Noah I didn't capture you on camera)

Duke's Cage

So before you pass judgement, let me just clarify they are in the cage at their own free will and Duke the dog has been in the cage about three times (it is very clean).
One of the boys favorite games while we were at my parents house was playing in Duke's cage. Nate even convinced Rachel it was fun to hide from the sharks while they were attacking. I think she won major "favorites" points in his book! Go Rachwill, the best babysitter ever!

Meet Baby Owen

This sweet little guy named OWEN was born in December and we were so excited to meet him while we were home. Thanks Rach and Karen for meeting us at Local Dinner for lunch. Owen is just precious....what a good baby! Nate taught Owen the value of a firm handshake and how to behave while out to eat (hehehehe jk, I think Owen could have taught Nate a few things in that area).

Fondue with Aunt E

So for over 10 years we have celebrated my sister's Birthday with a Fondue dinner. Most of the time we go to Melting Pot, but this year she and my parents decided to make all the fun recipes from the Melting Pot. She was so sweet to let us celebrate over a month after her birthday so I could be there. The food was delicious!!! Happy Late Birthday Little Sister!!!!!

Pancakes with PopPop

When we are home the boys are spoiled by all four of their grandparents in many ways!!!! For example the norm for breakfast at our house is frozen waffles, cereal, or yogurt. PopPop John loves to make the boys pancakes in fun shapes, the boys just love this!!!!!! He used to always do this for me when I was I enjoy this tradition too ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uncle Matthew and Aunt B

Saturday afternoon after the parade Uncle Matthew and Aunt B drove down from Houston and kept the boys on Saturday night and Sunday morning. The boys went to mass then out to lunch with them and MiMi. They went to one of Brian's favorite restaurants "Babes", sounded like Nate ate a lot of it might be one of his favorites too ;) Aunt B stayed the rest of the week until Benny's Birthday Party. It was so great to see them!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fort Worth Stockshow Parade

So while I was enjoying my second girls weekend in a row with my friends Britt and Lindsay....Nate and Ben were enjoying the "horseys" at the Forth Worth Stockshow Parade with PopPop and Aunt E.

My Little Cowboys

LA Girls Weekend

Ok so I am way behind on my blogging........... the boys and I got back from our two week long trip to Dallas on Sunday afternoon. Life has been very busy!! So I am sure I will get you all updated by the end of this week. Also my camera has been in the shop so thankful my sweet friend Lindsey Fusch has taken many pictures to capture our girls weekend as well as our Dallas adventures. I have to admit I am very jealous of her camera and took every opportunity to steal it ;)

My friends Rachel, Amy, and Lindsey flew in for the weekend for a girls trip to LA. The highlights were seeing Conan O'Brien show (a close 2nd was playing dress up at the mall in the dressing old times)!! We spent Saturday shopping at The Grove and catching up. I am so thankful they were all able to make the trip (especially my 30 week preggers friend)! I miss these girlys!

A Jackie Chan spotting

Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 Weeks

Baby is really growing fast! I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday before we fly out for Dallas. I have been feeling great! I keep praying everything will continue to progress smoothly. This weekend I cleared out one side of the boys closet for the baby and worked on making a spot for him on one side of our room. I am bringing a few suitcases back to Dallas so I can pick up baby boy's cloths and other baby necessities. It is really nice to know I have boxes of cloths for him already and I don't need to buy much of anythingCheck Spelling. I am really missing not doing all the nursery planning, painting, etc. but I am trying to focus on enjoying the weather (it has been in the 80s several days this past week). Our living situation will most likely be short term once the baby is born. I can't wait to see what adventures are awaiting us!
We had a wonderful day at Disneyland yesterday, my friend Lori and her 5 Month old daughter went with us. I think we had all missed going over the holidays and it was so nice there were no crowds. Today my high school friends Amy, Lindsey, and Rachel are coming in for the weekend. We are going to see Conan on Friday and spend a girls weekend in LA. I am very to come. Brian will be having a boys weekend with Nate and Benny. Baby boy #3 is being forced to go on the girls weekend, but I think he is excited because he will be going to see Conan (and he doesn't have much choice). I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

The boys and I rang in the new year at noon on New years eve :) We went to froggies with some of our little friends. One of the moms brought fun streamers and poppers for the kids to shoot off. They also enjoyed all the bounce houses and fun karaoke. Nate was especially excited because they had Taylor Swift and Beach Boys.
Happy 2010!