Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching some waves..

At Corona Del Mar

Playing in the sprinklers

Running around at the splash pad

Happy Birthday Lori!

Happy Birthday Lori!

Juee and PopPop

A rare picture opp with everyone happy!

The ball park

I was looking forward to my parents getting to see Nate and Benny play Tee-ball. We spent many hours as a family at the ball park each summer. Erica and I played on many teams together for lots of years. Erica, my dad, a few of my girlfriends, and I also coached an 8 and under girls softball team when we were in high school. This maybe was preparation for all the coaching and summers yet to come at the ball field for our family. Unlike the "Ladybugs" (the team that we coached) the boys were not turning kart wheels or picking flowers in the out field. One little boy on the team did pull his shirt over his head and the other kids proceeded to copy him.

It was very enjoyable (somewhat humorous) to see the kids get the hang of the game and learn the rules. Both boys really enjoyed it....Benny has a pretty good arm (I guess the last three years of throwing any toy he can find has paid off) and it all came pretty natural to him. Nate enjoyed the base running the most...... he is very fast. (I joked with him and told him he could run bases for people....I was a designated runner much of my later softball career). We were all pretty pumped their team was MAROON....they named themselves the Maroon Horses.

Seeing Eli at all the practices gave me a little glimpse of years to come.....he wanted to join so bad. He would run out in the field, take the ball to the tee, and throw his ball into the field. I told him maybe next year when he is two they will let him play UP! If history repeats then he can be the college ball player :)

Play Ball!
Nate fielding a ball
Benny playing first base....looks like he has the orange team intimidated hehehe
Nate playing third base
Benny at bat

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Another fun day at legoland with buddies, Juee, and PopPop........

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pirates Liar

During my parents visit we made a few trips to Disneyland....surprise surprise. A new discovery was taking the raft to Pirates Liar Island. The boys explored the caves and looked for treasure. Ahoy Mateys!