Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun At Kid Country

Sonic Happy Hour

We are back to the times of sonic happy hour and Sunday family dinners. When we lived in Dallas our almost daily activity was Sonic Happy Hour, so I could get my route 44 raspberry ice tea (unsweetened)! We have been taking full advantage of having a sonic less than a mile away yeah! We also used to have dinner at my parents house on Sunday nights and went out to eat with the Nickell's on Thursday nights . I miss those traditions.

Benny enjoying his roll at Sunday Dinner.

Last Weekend's Festivities

Last weekend we came in town a little early so I would not miss my sweet sister-in-law Brianna's Bachelorette Party and shower on Saturday. It was so fun to get to be here to celebrate with her. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family. It was also really sweet for my parents to watch the babies while I had a night out!
All her bridesmaids at the shower.
The shower was held at Las Colinas Country Club and it was beautiful.
Brianna and I getting ready to get in the limo.
The bride, her mama, and me
We went to Javier's for dinner and then Joyce's afterwards. We had a really fun suite at ZaZa. I think everyone had a great time! We are looking forward to all the wedding festivities. We love you Aunt B!
On Sunday I headed over the the crescent spa with some of my best College friends! Britt and Lindsay are both getting married this summer about a month a part. Britt decided instead of a shower we would do a spa day all together. I would have to say this is one of the easiest showers I have thrown :) We all got manicures and pedicures together. Britt also got a massage, she said it was wonderful. It was so great to hang out with them all afternoon. I miss you girls!
Lunch at Mattitos! Yummy "bob" queso and lots of diet coke!
At the crescent getting ready!.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Airplane Adventure..

We are so excited to be in Dallas for 5 weeks! We decided to come home for an extended vacation. My good friend Rachel is getting married this next weekend and my sister in-law Brianna is getting married the last weekend in April. Brian will be working in the Dallas office for part of our trip. It is great to be home, we miss Coppell.

Thank you for all the prayers Thursday night when we were flying. I know many of you are interested to hear how the flight was. I do not recommend flying by yourself with a one year old and a two year old if you have a choice. Since I had no other options here it goes....

Security took us about 30 minutes, I felt a major sense of accomplishment once we made to the terminal. Little Nate feel asleep on the way to the airport and did not wake up until I had had to set him on the floor of the Jetway to fold up the stroller. He woke up a little disjointed and wanted me to hold him. Since he would not walk I carried both boys and two backpacks on to the plane. I got a lot of "What was she thinking" looks, but o well this is our life :) I am sure the guy in our row wished he would have selected any other seat on the plane . Overall the boys did better that I had mentally prepared myself for. The low point of the flight: I was changing Ben's diaper in the seat (gross I know) while he was licking the headrest owww! Then he leans over and pulls the lady's hair in the row ahead of us. This is when I decided if someone was filming us on the flight we would have made a very entertaining reality segment. One of my favorite parts of the flight was Nate pointing to Ben several times yelling "His name is BEN". I guess he was excited to introduce his brother to the rest of the passengers on the plane. Part of me really enjoyed the adventure and I am very proud of us for doing it on our own. I am glad to say that Brian will be flying back to Cali with us so it should be a breeze (we hope)

Friday we went to Anamias with my family and Brian's family to celebrate being all together! (we miss you Brian) I was so excited to get my hands on some queso and margs. California does not have queso, can you believe it.

The family at Anamias
Juee and Benny
MiMi and Nate

March Madness with Justin!

This past week our good friend Justin flew in from Dallas to spend some time with us. Wednesday the boys and I picked him up from the airport and meant Brian for lunch. Afterwards we headed to the BEACH. I was a little worried he may not see it while he was there being it was March Madness. We also went to the park on Thursday before they took the boys and I to the airport for our trip to Dallas. Thanks Justin for making the trip!
Nate climbing "so High"
Benny shooting some hoops with his Godfather

His first assist

Creating our brackets... Brian and Justin had Nate create one :) I think his is doing better than mine hahahaha

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our St Patty's started out a little rough but ended great! Benny is in this phase where he has decided to use the potty as his toy box. So we started out our day with a bathroom filled with four inches of water. Needless to say it was an interesting conversation with the maintenance man who spoke little English. I am sure this is something I will laugh about later, right? Then we headed out to story time at the HB Library with our Moms group. They sang all sorts of fun holiday songs about leprechauns, green, and pots of gold. Then we went to Murdy park with our friends Stephanie and Scarlett. For dinner our old Lifeteen friend Stefani Perez and her fiance' Chris came over. They were in town visiting family that lives in the LA area. It was so sweet of them to make a special trip to see us. We all loved having the company! It was great to see you guys!!!

My little leprechauns
Daddy and Nate sporting the shamrocks.
Nate playing with Chris, he was cracking up!

A little duet to "Country Boy" of coarse...

Ben really liked Chris, those of us who know ben know this is rare. He let someone hold him beside me :) yeah!

Stefani, Chris, and Nate

The newly engaged couple with Nate Nate. We are so excited for them. They make such a great couple and they will make amazing parents!

Me and Stefani, we became friends about 10 years ago in Lifeteen at St. Ann's

Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 days until Happy Hour!!

Sonic happy hour that is..... I can not wait to get a Route 44 Rasberry Ice Tea Unsweetend... YEAH I am so excited. California has really missed the boat on that one. I miss my Sonic Happy Hour... The Count Down Begins.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Evening out in Long Beach

Yesterday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. We got season passes when we moved here so we could just go for a few hours whenever. The boys love it! Nate loved showing us all the Nemo and Dori Fish. Ben really enjoyed talking to the fish.

Daddy and Ben admiring the fish, this picture cracks me up. It looks like they were posing, but this is the real deal, hahaha.
Nate teaching us all about the birds.

Afterwards we went to a yummy seafood restaurant on the Pier. The boys did so well, we did not even have to rush. Nate also got a balloon at dinner, which he was so excited about.

The Queen Mary!