Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Noah's turns THREE

I can't believe Noah (my godson) is Three! Isn't he adorable. He is such a good little kid and he is so smart! My parents would always tell me when I was a kid (or yesterday for that matter) how we grow up so fast. It never seems quite as fast when you are little! So forgive my short walk down memory lane. Happy Birthday NOAH!

Noah's 2nd Birthday Pizza Party
Noah's 1st Birthday
Our First Playdates with Noah
Noah's 3rd Birthday at Bonkers!

Ben's First Kiss

Love at first sight.......

A Large Shower Gift

Brianna (Aunt B) and Uncle Matthew A few pictures from Brianna's shower two weeks ago. Matthew surprised her with a new CAR! They had been shopping around but he decided to make the purchase and drive it to the shower to surprise her. It was soooo sweet. So here's how it happened... she was done opening all her presents he walked in the front door. She looked at at us and said "what is he doing here and what is he wearing" HaHaHa. He took her hand and handed her the keys and he told her he loved her. It was great to see his face filled with excitement. We love Uncle Matthew!
In front of their new car!

Debbie (my mother in law) in front of her new ride :) with her old friends from Southwest.

Brianna with the hostesses of the shower.

It was a lovely shower! I gave Brianna the perfect "regift". It was a little of an inside joke... For my wedding I received a present from a friend of Brian's side of the family. The present include three picture frames in boxes. From the outside the present was normal, on the inside all three boxes included enclosure cards. The first one I pulled out had Debbie's handwriting on it. I was so confused and it took me a few minutes to figure out that she had given this to the couple for their wedding several year earlier! The other two cards were also gifts to them from other friends. We got the biggest laugh!!! So I decided to continue the tradition and pass them along.

Pancakes and Pizza

Due to the difference in cost of living in California we have been forced to learn how to eat at home all week. This requires learning how to use all the fun kitchen gadgets that were still in boxes from our wedding. I knew we would need them someday that is why I registered for them. :) Nate and Brian have really been doing a fair amount of cooking! I of coarse help out, but Brian and Nate are more interested in the process. I would be good with a turkey sandwich or cheese and crackers. This is what we do at lunch time. One night while we were staying with my parents Brian and Nate made homemade pizza inspired by "Caillou". For those of you that don't know him you should check him out on sprout network. I was so proud of them, they even handmade the crust!

Nate picking out the toppings. They made two pizzas.
It was yummy!

Nate also loved making pancakes with PopPop while we were home!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Little Behind...

We arrived back in California yesterday from a wonderful, long visit home to Texas. I have so many pictures to post from our trip! This week's posts will probably be all catch up on our activities in Dallas, which is OK given we are not doing much this week anyway. Both of the boys have colds so until they feel better we are going to stay home.

Meet Baby Grant

While we have been living in California, three of my Texas friends have had little baby boys. We wanted to meet these cuties while we were in town. Already featured "Baby Riley" and "Baby Nolan". Meet Baby Grant!

My sweet friend Lindsay Safran with Baby Grant (6 Months). Isn't he beautiful! He is such a sweet little guy. Thanks for meeting up with us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My New Camera...

I am so excited to announce the newest member of the Nickell Family, Canon EOS Rebel XS!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Texans at Heart

This weekend one of my best friends Lindsey Fusch took all these amazing pictures of Nate and Ben in the Bluebonnets. We had so much fun!! Thank you Lindsey your pictures are incredible!! The Kulle Family joined in on the fun. Their kids are very close to the same ages as Nate and Ben. Noah turns 3 on Monday (he is about 3 months older than Nate) and Shaelee is 6 weeks younger than Benny. My parents got the boys cowboy boots and hats for Easter. Nate wanted to look just like "Alan Jackson". I think these boys are Texans at Heart!