Monday, August 31, 2009

Girls Day Trip to LA

This past Sunday while Lindsey and Rachel were visiting we decided to do a girls day trip to LA. I have only been to LA a handful of times and I really want to explore while we live so close! We did some touring, shopping, and eating! I seemed to have no problem eating as much or more than the my preggers friend ...... I wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable ;) he he. The day was sooo relaxing, it was a much a need day away from the kiddos with to girls I love very much! Thank you Lindsey and Rachel for coming to visit!!!We stopped in Long Beach on the way home to have dinner. I love eating on patios it makes me feel like I am on vacation too :) We also stopped and saw the Queen Mary due to my poor navigational skills.
Even though Nate and Benny had a boys day with daddy, I still got really excited when I saw things they might like. Nate would have been going crazy if he would have seen "Woody" outside of the Kodak Theatre. I also got to see Sully, Barney, and SpongeBob. I think I was a bit too over joyed....when I screamed to linz and rach..look who it is! (hahaha). I also saw a pretty cool hotwheels sign.....I am such a boys mom, I have a new found love for cars and trains. The "Troubadour" also has a special meaning to Nate (originating from the George Strait song), Nate calls all his little characters toys "troubadours". Who knows why, but I am not sure what we would call them if we didn't call them troubadours.
Below are all the pictures I took on our (very hot) Double Decker bus tour of LA. The idea was good in theory it was just a little bit to warm to fit into the completely enjoyable category. I have not spent much time exploring LA so it was fun to hear some of the historical tidbits. We stopped at The Grove to have lunch and do a little shopping.

A visit from Rachel, Lindsey, and Baby Fusch

Lindsey and Rachel came out last week to visit. I think the summer visitor rush is coming to a close (don't worry we love fall visitors too). That has been one of my favorite parts about moving here, the visitors ;) It is such a fun place for our family and friends to come visit. Although we do not get to see them as often it is nice to spend days, sometimes weeks in a row with them. Thank you everyone for making my summer feel like I was on vacation (a low budget one, anyway). Here are some pictures from our fun at the beach in Newport and dinner in downtown Huntington. My favorite photographer The waves were out baby Fusch...luckily your mama is keeping you safe!
Nate and Rachel love their heart to heart talks
I am gonna get you ;)
I still like lemons!
Lindsey loves me! Some pretty pretty princesses....and some princes I think the dinner highlight was Ben's crowd surfing on to the table....landing on a plate of rice and beans, which got all over him and fell in my lap :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Benny is 19 Months Old!

Little Benny is 19 Months old today!

Updates on Benny the cowboy.....

He is talking up a storm...and he is really starting to talk in English vs. Benny Babble ;) He and Nate have been having complete conversation...I love it! He loves to jump, dance, and laugh. He is sleeping in his big boy bed..we pushed Nate's bed right next to his because he keep rolling out. They really like sleeping next to each other. He almost always has a hat and shoes on...I think he likes his shoes and hats because he can put them on himself. He is still very interested in trains and cars....anything with wheels. What a big boy you are Benny!

Nate's Green Thumb

Nate decided this morning he was ready for some responsiblity. He said he wanted a plant to water and grow. I am not sure if this was promted by a TV show or all the experience he had gotten working in Juee and PopPop's garden :) Nonetheless we took a trip to Home Depot...all four of us to pick out Nate a plant for his garden (otherwise known as our patio). He had so much fun looking at all the plants.....maybe a future Horticulture major:). Ben lost interest when I stopped letting him run up and down the aisles screaming. So Ben and I went to the car to practice his driving skills and Nate and Brian picked out the plants.

Nate and my grandbabies ;)