Monday, August 31, 2009

A visit from Rachel, Lindsey, and Baby Fusch

Lindsey and Rachel came out last week to visit. I think the summer visitor rush is coming to a close (don't worry we love fall visitors too). That has been one of my favorite parts about moving here, the visitors ;) It is such a fun place for our family and friends to come visit. Although we do not get to see them as often it is nice to spend days, sometimes weeks in a row with them. Thank you everyone for making my summer feel like I was on vacation (a low budget one, anyway). Here are some pictures from our fun at the beach in Newport and dinner in downtown Huntington. My favorite photographer The waves were out baby Fusch...luckily your mama is keeping you safe!
Nate and Rachel love their heart to heart talks
I am gonna get you ;)
I still like lemons!
Lindsey loves me! Some pretty pretty princesses....and some princes I think the dinner highlight was Ben's crowd surfing on to the table....landing on a plate of rice and beans, which got all over him and fell in my lap :)

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  1. What a fun trip!! Looks like you all had a blast. :) I saw some pictures Lindsey posted on facebook and the ones of the Nickell family are gorgeous!!