Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots of Changes....

So this past weekend we had the pleasure of (hahaha) moving from our 2nd floor apartment to a 1st floor apartment in another building. I had no idea how much stuff we had in this small did not look like much but when you are pushing it across the complex in shopping carts the world looks a bit different. I am so thankful my parents were here to help! We could not have done it without them!!!! I definitely hope our next move is a corporate move.......although this was very entertaining!!!!
(Our old balcony when we moved in with... Ben 11 Months)
We were asked to move because our plexi glass on our balcony was not in compliance with policy. They were very impressed with POP POP's craftsmanship, they even asked to have the supplies after we took them down because we had done such a good job matching the paint :) My boys climb way to well for us to stay in that apartment with out the plexi glass.

Some examples of how homeless we looked :) One other resident said when we passed him we had the Mary Poppins apartment hahaha!
It was very entertaining to see my "rule following" husband borrow the carts from the store next door...we took them back in perfect condition..don't worry
We found the baby swing and Nate wanted to swing in it....he loves swings. We told him he was too big and he said "I will be small again...I will fit" and so he did :)
Nate playing in the empty closet
We also decided to do a little painting in the new apartment...Nate painted on his easel while we were painting walls...he was very proud of his work.
Another change in our house since we came back from Texas....Ben is in a big boy bed!
The day after we came back I found him looking a little bit like this teddy bear and decided it was time. He has done really well in his big boy bed...he has been getting up about once every night, but given all that has been going on I am very proud of him! Way to go Ben.
We are so excited to be done with the moving thing!

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  1. I can't believe you guys just moved! I don't know how you do it all and have such a blast, too. Disneyland looks like so much fun. We HAVE to make it out there soon!