Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going Bonkers Playdate

I Sure wish we had a Bonkers out in Cali!

Last week we met some good friends and their kiddos at Going Bonkers in Lewisville. This is one of Nate's most favorite places! Ben really has so much fun too :) It was amazing to see how much more they could do and the confidence gained since we were there in April. We had so much fun with our friends. We miss you all.

My Godson NOAH
Delaney wanted some money for Candy...I told her to check the ATM.
She asked "Miss Erin do you have a card" lol

Let me help you put your shoes on Shae
The slides are sooo fun, I think I get just as excited as the kiddos
Noah, Nate, and Delaney....three peas in a pod...or a hammock

Benny and Shae flirting a little bit
Climb Patrick Climb!
Delaney greeted Nate with a big hug
We went to Chick-fila with the Kulles before Bonkers and Noah got into a little ketchup...lol

Birth Trees

The day I was born my dad planted a tree for me in our backyard (they lived in North Richland Hills at the time) He continued the tradition with Nate and Benny's Birthdays. The grandpas planted trees for them the day they were born. This is a very special tradition to me (what Aggie Catholic does not like TRADITIONS !), so when we were home we visited our old house to take pictures with the boys' trees.

I also google mapped our old home.... I know you can see the tree from the front yard over the roof it is so tall ( my birth tree). I am not for certain if this was our house or the home next door, Dad you will have to confirm. Either way I thought it was pretty cool!!
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Benny's Birth Tree 1/23/2008 Benny's Birth Tree 7/23/2009 (1 1/2 Years)

Nate's Birth Tree 7/06/2006
Nate's Birth Tree 7/04/2007 (1 Year)

Nate's Birth Tree 07/06/2008 (2 Years)
Nate's Birth Tree 7/23/2009 (3 Years)

Fusch Family

I got to meet Buddy Fusch while I was home :) My friend Lindsey and her hubby Blake adopted an adorable stray dog (they were unable to locate his owners after a long search). While they were searching for Buddy's parents they became very attached to Buddy. Buddy found a great home!!

Buddy is no longer the NEWEST member of the Fusch Family..... Lindsey and Blake are expecting their first child in mid-march. I am so excited for them and Baby Fusch. I am so grateful we were in town and they got to share the news with us in person. Congratulations to Lindsey and Blake, you guys are going to make great parents!!!!!! You can get the update on the Fusch family by visiting Lindsey's Blog....
The Fusch Family
Buddy the Dog

Life is a Beach

Nate and Benny We have to get QUESO
Amber and Benny Last Wednesday we went to a fun restaurant in Highland Village called "Life is a Beach". We used to go there to play/eat when we lived in Dallas. It has good food, a unique atmosphere, and is awesome to let the kids run around in the sand (the beach)! I am pretty sure they have live music several nights a week, the margs are good as well. One of my friends Amber, who I used to work with came with us. We sat outside and it was actually pretty pleasant. Although, Nate told me he did not want to play in the sand because it was too hot! I guess we are already more spoiled than I thought. Thanks for a fun lunch Grandma Juee and Amber!

Meet Baby Jackson

We got the opportunity one night last week to meet sweet baby Jackson! Jackson's mom and dad went to high school with Brian and I. He is a little over 3 months old and he is just the cutest. He let me hold him and cuddle with him :) Nate kept calling him "Michael Jackson" on the ride over and I had to explain his name is just "Jackson" hahahaha. Thank you for letting us come over and meet your little guy, Jenny! It was great to see you and Scott, glad things are going so well as new parents :)

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Nate took his first trip to the Dentist this past week and he did great! He let the hygienist, Miss Annette clean his teeth with her special toothbrush. He was very impressed with all her fun gadgets. She let him pick out the toothpaste color of his liking, which was green. At the end of the appointment he got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest. His dentist, Dr Hardcastle came by to meet him and Nate even let him pick him up! Talk about a kid friendly dentist office, it was such an awesome first experience. YAY for clean teeth!

Nate with the Dentist....showing off his prize
This face just cracked me up!