Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birth Trees

The day I was born my dad planted a tree for me in our backyard (they lived in North Richland Hills at the time) He continued the tradition with Nate and Benny's Birthdays. The grandpas planted trees for them the day they were born. This is a very special tradition to me (what Aggie Catholic does not like TRADITIONS !), so when we were home we visited our old house to take pictures with the boys' trees.

I also google mapped our old home.... I know you can see the tree from the front yard over the roof it is so tall ( my birth tree). I am not for certain if this was our house or the home next door, Dad you will have to confirm. Either way I thought it was pretty cool!!
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Benny's Birth Tree 1/23/2008 Benny's Birth Tree 7/23/2009 (1 1/2 Years)

Nate's Birth Tree 7/06/2006
Nate's Birth Tree 7/04/2007 (1 Year)

Nate's Birth Tree 07/06/2008 (2 Years)
Nate's Birth Tree 7/23/2009 (3 Years)

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