Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to the Doctor

This week I took the boys in for their well check ups, Nate for his 3 year and Ben for his 18 Month. The doctor said they both looked very healthily and developmentally they were right on track. She said Nate was on the small side for his age (Height 35" and Weight 29lbs) but was growing consistently and that is all that matters. Ben she said was a little bigger for his age, hence why they are so close in size (Height 33" Weight 24lbs). I am glad to report they boys are doing well and growing :)
Benny had to get a shot but he recovered quickly, once he found out he got to pick out a sticker. Both boys picked out Toy Story stickers, currently Nate's favorite movie. Nate actually picked out four stickers, I told him he had plenty and we needed to go. So Nate on the way out stopped by and told the nurse "We got plenty!" Luckily she had a sense of humor and I did not get a dirty look :)

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