Saturday, October 31, 2009


For Halloween Brian and I took the boys to downtown Huntington for the street festival. Main street is blocked off and the kids are allowed to trick-or-treat at the retail shops. Both boys fell asleep on the way over, so we got a good walk in before any trick-or-treating took place. Benny really didn't wake up till it was time to play by the beach. Nate was still a little shy......but I think all the people were a little overwhelming after just waking up from a nap :) This was a great place to people watch, the costumes were great (both kids and adults). The cutest costume I saw was this little baby jail bird in a wagon they had added bars to and the older son was a police officer! This was such a unique trick-or-treating experience because we were by the beach and we went to stores instead of houses. We left the treat bags in the car and neither of the boys noticed so we made it one more year without going sugar crazy. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween.
The superheros had a blast!
My sleeping superheros

Benny still snoozing

Nate got to sit on the fire truck
Playing by the beach

Friday, October 30, 2009

La Habra Childrens Museum

Friday we checked out the Children's Museum in La Habra. They were having their Halloween celebration, so they were offering crafts, games, a costume parade, and Santa and Mrs. clause reading stories. Nate decided since they had been super heroes all week for other Halloween activities that he wanted to be a cowboy. Benny wants to be just like his brother so he dressed up as a cowboy too. The kids had a great time with their friends.
Benny and Maia holding hands ;)

Cade filling up his car with gas
The next food network with cowboy Nate
Playing on the rope swings...acting like monkeys

My little cowboys

Ben's Fav.......TRAINSCade, Benny, and Nate with the Santa
Story time
Look at that Benny!!!

Jack the Firefighter

The Costume Parade

The most adorable Minnie Mouse
Hold my hand!

Missy and Maia

Me and my cowboys
Nate making his spider
Nina and Jack making a bat hat
Nate had the sweet lady make a mouth for his bat as well as the spider he made, because everything must have a smile and be happy he says :)

Cade, Jack, and Maia playing on the bus

Benny and Maia doing some grocery shopping
Nate ran into the spiderweb decoration and some how wrapped them completely around him hehehehe