Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soccer Season

The boys had their last soccer practice of the season. They both really liked the class and Coach Jessica. She was awesome with the kids, even when they were running like crazy people, or turning her class into tackle soccer. Nate really like soccer and I think he learned so much! His favorite part was definitely the races and running. Ben was really warming up to the class on his own time. He loves to just sometimes decide to lay on his stomach and not move. I think he does this to make me uncomfortable hehehehe. He had a great time with all his friends and learning from the big kids. I think his first "playing up" experience was a good one!
Benny, Maia, Nate, Coach Jessica, Jack, and Cade Lucky me I get to be part the Benny will be in the team picture ;) Huddle Time!

The cool shirts Coach Jessica got the kids
Best Buddies
Benny keeping up with the big boys
The after pizza party


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