Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where have you been!

Ok so I think this may have been the longest I have gone without blogging since starting this thing..... don't worry I have had good reasons.

This has been a crazy summer!! To start at the end of June we found out we would be moving somewhere, the State was to be determined. We spend about a month not knowing for sure where we were relocating to in the fall. We also were not quite sure on the timing of the move. Thus we began the summer of LIMBO. I knew Texas was not in the running, so when I found out California was.... I was thrilled. I loved the idea of still being in SO Cali and was very surprised that it was a possibility. Brian ended up accepting the DRM (dealer relations manager) for the San Diego region. I am very excited for him and our new adventure. We will be moving to an apartment in Temecula at the beginning of October. We have chosen Temecula because of affordability and location of Brian's dealers. We hope to close on a house by December 1st. I am looking very forward to the following......a washer and dryer in my house, a backyard, a garage, a kitchen that more than one person can fit into :), decorating, and most of all knowing where we will be located for several years!

At the end of August we left for a 2 week vacation to Dallas to see our friends and family. Most importantly to attend the wedding of my sister Erica and her new husband Jeff Fransen. Those two weeks flew by and we got to see so many people that we love. The wedding was just wonderful, I will post pictures soon. This past week we flew back to California and started to prepare for our move.

A little update on the boys......We have decided to wait to start school until we get to Temecula. It seemed a little chaotic to start school for three weeks and then move. Brian and I had decided not to start Nate in Kindergarten this year for several reasons, but all this move craziness just gave us one more. Nate and Ben will both be starting preschool the first week of October together in a Combo learner class for 3 to 5 year olds, three afternoons a week. They are very excited, as I am (especially about the afternoon part, getting Nate to school by 9am last year was a struggle for us). Little Eli is doing well, his little personality is just so much fun! He is talking more and more. His climbing is just about on par with his brothers. I have taken the front of the crib off and he has mastered climbing on the kitchen table. Those three boys are really three peas in a pod. They spend half of the day cracking each other up and the other half beating each other up!

Lots of pictures to come, especially once I get my camera back from the shop. Another factor adding to the crazy summer is our bad track record with electronics..... We have been with out a TV for over two months due to Benny cracking it with a toy (maybe I will explain in another post), we lost both I phones in a pool incident, and my camera just stopped working so I sent it in to be repaired. I also ended up breaking two little bones in my foot two nights before Erica's wedding so I got to limp down the aisle, hehehehe (that is a post in itself too).

Hope you feel caught up, or just more confused like me :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wig Out

So I don't have pictures yet...from Erica and Jeff's Wedding, but I do have some pictures from the Bachelorette Party. The theme was WIG OUT and boy did everyone go all out. Such a fun night of celebration with my sister! So for once I am the blond and Erica is the brunette.....if only I was the one that was five inches taller....hahahaha!