Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesdays with Mickey

Last Wednesday little Benny had his two year appointment. He cried the whole time...he was very mad he had to take off his cowboy shirt for the doctor to check him out. He was so mad he put his hat and boots back on with his diaper....I really wish I would have had my camera. He was hysterical and I was trying very hard not to crack up....If you think I sound mean wait until you have a two year old ;) He pulled himself back together at the end of the appointment when he got to put on all his cloths leave the office. He checked out very well, he weighed 28.5 lbs and measured 35ins. He got two shots, he did cry but no more than the rest of the time we were there. The nurse had to weigh him on the baby scale because he would not stand up hehehehehe! Little Benny has so much personality, he makes me laugh!!!
After his appointment we when to Disneyland with some of our little friends.

Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Day Potty Training..child #2

This time last year I was potty training Nate, so thought I would give it a shot with Benny before baby boy #3 makes his depute. So last weekend we started the 3 day method with Benny boy on Saturday and we lasted until Tuesday morning. He is doing a great job telling when he has gone, but just can't quite get the concept of telling me before he needs to go. Nate was about 6 months older than Ben when we used the same method and it worked like a charm. I think I may try once more before the baby comes in a month or so, if it doesn't work then we will only have two in diapers for a few months which is not bad. You can't blame a girl for trying!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nature Hike

Our Thursday morning nature hike in Newport Beach with Nate and Benny's best friends.....

Gotta wear your cowboy hat and boots! It was beautiful.....
Look Lily is flying like a bird...
Our friend Jack....
Our friend Cade... Benny wanted to hold Maia's hand during the nature film....hehehe
Playing in the nature center

Valentines Party

Monday we had a little V-day Party with one of our playgroups so in preparation Nate helped me make cake balls to give to all his little friends. I had seen these on a blog I follow and I have always wanted to make them. One of my friends mom's made them for a shower about a month ago so I got the recipe from her and decided to try them out. This was such a fun activity for Nate to help with!!!

The finished product...
The recipe....
Nate's Favorite Cake Balls

Bake any flavored cake mix as directed on box in a 9 x12 pan
Cool cake and crumble it
Dump into the crumbled cake any flavor of canned frosting
Mix well (fingers are best at this as well)
Form into balls and place on a wax papered cookie sheet and freeze. (freezing the balls makes dipping them easier)
Melt almond bark (use white or chocolate depending on your flavor of cake-you can add food coloring to the white bark-i added red to make pink)
begin dipping the balls into the melted bark
Also if you have problems with the almond bark clumping once you add the food coloring I tried the colored candy coating you can buy at Mic heals in the cake section, they sell it in all different colors.
A few pictures from our party, the kids had a blast.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday at the Park

We had the most beautiful weather this weekend! I was about 75 degrees, it was a perfect Valentines day. We got to spend some quality family time outdoors. It was very relaxing just to hang out and not get much done! The boys got little gift packages from both sets of their grandparents, they were super excited to open their packages. Thanks for all the goodies!

On another note I think we have finally discovered what mass time works best for us (for now anyway), we have been going to the Saturday evening mass and it is working out soooo much better. Our church here does not have a cry area so if we are being loud or crazy we have to go outside and listen to church on the speaker. I really want the boys to learn to sit, but an hour is a long time for 2 and 3 year olds. So our little plan has put at least one or both of them to sleep on the way to mass, making it much easier to sit together the whole time :)

I have my 28 week doctor's appointment on Wednesday so I will write a baby update later on this week. I think we have the babies name narrowed down, I will post it when we decide for sure. I have been feeling well and still trying to walk a few times a week. A friend of mine and I did a 4 mile walk around balboa island Sunday morning (without kids), a rare thing because she has two kids the same ages as mine. It was wonderful to not be pushing a double stroller...but I am sure I didn't burn as many calories ;) O Well

Some pictures from the park on Saturday
Look who is my little climber and all

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hawaii 2004...the night Brian and I got engaged
So for fun....thought you might enjoy some old school pictures in the spirit of Valentines Day!
Love You Brian!
College..Christmas 2002 Prom...Spring 2001
Engagement Picture.... Summer 2005
Not the best picture.......(High School September 2000)
Posted in honor of Nate and Benny since we both have cowboy hats on ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

I think I would be super jealous of all you Texans who are getting snow today....but I am not because we got to play in the snow yesterday YAY! This was my kind of snow an hour, play a few, and return to 60 degree temps.
The boys have never really seen more than an inch of snow so it was fun getting to see their faces. I can't wait to take them skiing...maybe next year we can work in a Colorado trip depending on where we are living. Benny wasn't sure at first if he was going to like it, but once he figured out he could make snowballs and throw them he was sold. Nate had fun making a snowman with Maia, Cade, and Missy. Thanks guys for driving and making it such a wonderful day in the snow!
Snow Angels

Snowball Fight

Look at the snowman we made (with Miss Missy's help)
Now let us destroy it!

Look his head

Missy, Cade, and MaiaNot really in the mood!