Monday, February 1, 2010

Benny is 2 Years Old!

I can not believe little Benny is two years old...time really does fly when you have kids!

The little brother is expected to do everything a little faster....So I always forgot how little Benny was when he was walking at 9 months, climbing playground ladders at 15 months, and speaking complete thoughts before he was two. Nate got huge praise for hitting these milestones....Benny was just trying to keep up with his older brother.

Ben we love you so much and you have brought so much joy to our lives!
Happy late Birthday to our little Man!

We had a party for Benny in Dallas and one in California when we got back. Benny's Dallas party was on his actual Birthday January 23rd. Ben loves trains so we did a train theme. It was so nice to see all of his little TX friends and their families. Thanks everyone for making his party so special!

Nate, Noah, and Shae having a picnic Nolan and Lindsey
Nolan discovering that the wheels to the train are edible....he didn't waste anytime :)

He was cracking me up!

Papa Dave and Benny So I attempted to get Benny to wear his Thomas shirt but he has a very strong thoughts on dress code at the moment........COWBOY cloths only....this includes his button up plaid shirt, boots, jeans, and hat.

I just dare you to challenge him on it!!!! Let me tell you.... completely not worth the battle!!! Benny and Adam exchanging so high fives
Me, Christina, Lindsey, Stefani, and Amy (Rachel not pictured...maybe she is hanging out with Nate)
I see some new birthday party attendees in our future...........aka baby nickell, baby reed, Eleanors, baby blackwell, and baby kulle (also not pictured, Crystal)

Chris, Nate, and Patrick playing their favorite game

I think we have seen some pictures just like this....if not click here or here

Laney getting in on the fun
The Birthday Boy
About to blow out the candle........
O wait maybe I will let Nate do it
I can eat my cupcake just fine on my own
Benny with his Aunt E
Horsey Time
Heather and sweet cousin Riley
Jeff (aunt E's BF) and Nate
Opening presents

Nate immediately stripped down and put on the Woody PJs the Weisbruchs gave to Benny

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  1. Happy Birthday Benny!!! :) You do such a great job documenting life, you amaze me! How are you feeling these days? You look wonderful! I am going to borrow that train cupcake idea for Milo's 2nd, that is TOO COOL! Hoping all is well for your precious growing family, blessings to ya'll from Texas!