Monday, February 1, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies....

Since we were one of the first of our friend group to get married and have kids it has been so much fun this pregnancy to have friends pregnant at the same time! It is crazy how many friends I have due within three months of each other. This little boy will not be hurting for friends ;) I can't wait to meet all these little ones. Enjoy the prego pictures from our trip home...... Lindsey due March (girl), Megan due July, Me due May (boy), and Christina due June (boy)
Lindsey due March (girl), Sarah due April (boy), Me due May (boy), Stefani due May (boy)
Lindsey due March (girl), Monica due April (girl), Stefani due May (boy), Lindsay due May (girl)
Britt due June (boy), Lindsay due May (girl), Me due May (boy)

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