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Benny Boy is FOUR!

So I decided maybe I keep this blog more for myself than anyone else :) I had fun looking back at all Ben's Birthdays. Since details are hard for me to keep track of these days, I love having this to look back on. Check Benny out at ONE, TWO, THREE, now FOUR!

Benny celebrated his birthday at preschool on his actual Birthday (and the first day back from winter break because Nate was worried we had missed celebrating in in preschool because we had already had the party). He had a Happy Birthday name tag on that day so we ended up celebrating at CiCis Pizzas as well.....Benny had lots of Birthday celebrations this year.

We love you Benny Boy!

On his actual Birthday

Treats Benny took to Preschool to share with his friends.

Benny said he wanted a snowman party this year!
I was excited since this was a little different from all the usual boy themes.

Snowman PBJ sandwiches
We had Benny's Party a little early so Juee and PopPop could be here for most of the party. We just had the party at our new house. It was good because it motivated me to get most of the moving in done before the party. Benny got to celebrate with so many of his little friends, thank you for making his day so special!

Enjoying the backyard.....I love having a backyard YAY!

Playing with buddies in the playroom!

Benny getting ready to blow out the candles. I sent Brian to the store for candles and he came back with febrezze glass candles hehehe (they worked just fine, except we had to rummage up a forth).
Snowman cake and cupcakes!
Make a wish!

Benny with Juee and PopPop

Too much Party :)