Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Nate's 4 year check up

Nate at his 4 year check up....I can't believe how fast this is going!
At this appointment he got to wear this adorable little gown, somehow it looks much cuter on a 4 year old then the one I had to wear a few months ago hehehehe! He had his hearing and vision screening. They use a pictorial vision test which was very entertaining. He got all the answers correct on the first few rows, when it got to the row that he couldn't see Nate got creative. His answers were as follows cheese sandwich, boat, cookie monster, and octagon (actual square, triangle, star, and circle). He had the nurse and I cracking up! He is still on the very small side at 32 lbs and 37 inches, but doctor said he was very proportional. This probably explains why Benny is almost exactly the same size. My sister passed me in height in the sixth grade and I am no worse for the wear, hopefully it will not phase Nate either! He made sure to pick out a sticker for both of his brothers. He was so brave after he had his shoots he held Eli's hand to help him deal with his shot pain :) Nate is such a awesome big brother.

Baby Elijah is 2 Months

Two Month Pic with Mickey
Baby Eli is now about 2 and a half months old...I am a little late in posting, but hey he understands he is the third kiddo and we are busy. He is such a sweet baby! Mr.Pumpkin is so easy going. It is fun to see his personality develop. It is amazing to me how three little boys can be so different. A few of his favorite things are playing on his mat, riding in the ergo or bjorn, watching his brothers run around, and smiling. He grunts at night when he is hungry, neither of my other boys did this and it is really cute. He is a little snacker in the evening and likes to be held. His longest stretch of sleep at night has been about 5 hours, but normally he goes about 3. He is such a sweet little snuggler and he seldom gets mad, but when he does you know! He is still mainly nursing, although he takes a bottle pretty well when I need to get our or take a break. At his two month check up he weighed 9lbs 11oz and measured 22.5 in for length. He was mad when he got his shots, but he got over it in 10 seconds. It helped having big brother to hold his hand and pick him out a sticker. When we got to Disneyland to celebrate after the doctors office I noticed Nate had stuck Eli's Erine sticker to his hand, it was cute.
We love you baby Elijah, happy two month birthday.
Playing with his brothers
At his two month checkup
Mr. Pumpkin

Woody and Buzz!

These last few weeks we have been weening Ben off his Buzz jammies....I have heard of the paci fairy or attachment to bottles, blankets, and stuffed animals.......but we have attachment issues with clothing..... particularly toy story clothing. He has still wears his PJ basically all the time we are at home but we have to get pretty creative to get him to put on anything else (and keep it on), even with six pairs.. the PJs are still my motivation for doing laundry!

Nate this week was wanting to know the eye color of "big TEX" at the Texas state fair. Who knows what brought this discussion about, I think it is fair to say they get their randomness from me (exhibit A this post). We decided his eyes were green, please correct me if this is not that case.
Then Nate said "Mom remember when I was a baby my eyes were Red"......this cracked me up. I didn't really do much with photo shop back then so his first year photo album has a lot of pictures with red eye. hehehe kids are sooo funny!

peas in a pod

My two peas in a pod..
My three peas in a pod...

A fishing we go...

Nate, Brian, and my parents had the opportunity to go fishing with our friends on their boat a few weeks ago. This was all of their first times to go fishing on the ocean. They caught barracuda and sand bass using little squid for bait. We even got to eat the fish that evening.....yummy fish tacos! Thank you Craig and Cade for taking the Texans out on the ocean :) it is an adventure they are all still talking about!

Christmas in July Again!

Anyone miss this outfit!!! One of Nate's favorite outfits since Christmas 2008.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You've got a friend in me

Since nate and ben have been talking about about toy story 3 non stop since we saw it in theatres a few weeks ago, we decided to venture to LA and see the movie for a second time at El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Blvd. They have a fun zone set up across the street that is included with your admission. The theatre was gorgeous and the kiddos did great. The fun zone really made it worth the drive, I would recommend this activity to any toy story fans!