Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pirate Party

Nate had a joint birthday party with his good friend Cade on July 5th. Cade turned four on July 2nd and Nate on July 6th. We did a pirate party complete with lots of fun pirate games, pirate ships, and fun costumes. It was so fun to do a joint party. We had help from all the grandmas and relatives, which made the party so much easier. Thanks Missy for all your help....I know Cade and Nate had an awesome Birthday! I can't believe my baby is four years old!
The adorable ships and signs Cade's Grandma made!
Thank you so much Grandma Helmar for all your help with the party! Birthday Boy Cade
Mimi sent tons of fun decorations and pirate treats to help us celebrate.
We missed you MiMi....everyone loved the pirate goodies, thank you!
Pirate Jack and Pirate Nate
Tattoo Time
Juee, PopPop, and mini pirate Elijah
Birthday Boy
Eli's new little buddy Chase (I think he was nine days old)
Let the games begin...........Walk the plank

Musical Islands

Treasure Hunt time....Jack found the clue
Pirate Benny....Arrrhhh
Nate found the clue
Pirate Lily

Birthday Boy Cade

Sink the Ship Game....PopPop decided to join Team NATE
Nate decided to join Team CADE at the end of the game hehehehe
Juee and Miss Riley are buddies
Cake Time
I made a crocodile cake, a pirate hat cake, and some cupcakes for the kiddos

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  1. I love the party theme and the way cute game ideas!! You are the cutest mom ever!