Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nate's 4 year check up

Nate at his 4 year check up....I can't believe how fast this is going!
At this appointment he got to wear this adorable little gown, somehow it looks much cuter on a 4 year old then the one I had to wear a few months ago hehehehe! He had his hearing and vision screening. They use a pictorial vision test which was very entertaining. He got all the answers correct on the first few rows, when it got to the row that he couldn't see Nate got creative. His answers were as follows cheese sandwich, boat, cookie monster, and octagon (actual square, triangle, star, and circle). He had the nurse and I cracking up! He is still on the very small side at 32 lbs and 37 inches, but doctor said he was very proportional. This probably explains why Benny is almost exactly the same size. My sister passed me in height in the sixth grade and I am no worse for the wear, hopefully it will not phase Nate either! He made sure to pick out a sticker for both of his brothers. He was so brave after he had his shoots he held Eli's hand to help him deal with his shot pain :) Nate is such a awesome big brother.

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