Saturday, July 24, 2010

Woody and Buzz!

These last few weeks we have been weening Ben off his Buzz jammies....I have heard of the paci fairy or attachment to bottles, blankets, and stuffed animals.......but we have attachment issues with clothing..... particularly toy story clothing. He has still wears his PJ basically all the time we are at home but we have to get pretty creative to get him to put on anything else (and keep it on), even with six pairs.. the PJs are still my motivation for doing laundry!

Nate this week was wanting to know the eye color of "big TEX" at the Texas state fair. Who knows what brought this discussion about, I think it is fair to say they get their randomness from me (exhibit A this post). We decided his eyes were green, please correct me if this is not that case.
Then Nate said "Mom remember when I was a baby my eyes were Red"......this cracked me up. I didn't really do much with photo shop back then so his first year photo album has a lot of pictures with red eye. hehehe kids are sooo funny!

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  1. You had Chris and I giggling tonight after reading your posts! You look like you're having so much fun with these precious boys. We hope to see you guys very soon! God Bless :)