Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday PopPop

Some oldies but goodies
I want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my Dad (or PopPop as Nate and Ben call him). I have learned so much from my Dad and I look up to him sooo much. We are so blessed to have him as a father and grandfather. He is such a great role model for the boys and myself. Love you DAD!!!!!

24 Hours at Disneyland

The boys and I had such an awesome visit with Grandma Juee! She was here for 10 days :) much fun. We spent a full 24 hours (not in row) at super fun DISNEYLAND. We all could not get enough, we went three different days for about 8 hours! May I add that these were very pleasant hours, we did not have to force the boys to have fun:) I think we have pretty much rode all the rides (height permitting). I have decided Disneyland is the most fun way to walk 10 miles a if I would just do that everyday. Anyway, thank you Mom for such a fun visit. We love you! Come back soon......we know you will!!!!

Brian and I are big fans of the show "Big Brother" case you are wondering who these people are.
Nate's new favorite ride...Pirates of the Caribbean
Benny and his Girlfriend Maia :)
All the kids about to ride on toy story ride

Somemore SOCCER

Soccer has been so much fun! Nate loves running laps the most! I think I should have signed him up for toddler track. Benny is warming up to the class, he gets overwhelmed by large groups of people ........he doesn't get this from me :) He loves laying on the soccer ball and he wants me to hold him during the class hehehe.
I posted some videos so you can see what they are learning. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tide Pools

Saturday afternoon we went to check out the tide pools in Newport Beach. We did a little swimming with the sea life...I think this is looked poorly upon in the nature world but fun was had by all (expect maybe a few snails we smashed). The kids loved getting to play and look at the little creatures. It was beautiful!