Monday, September 28, 2009

24 Hours at Disneyland

The boys and I had such an awesome visit with Grandma Juee! She was here for 10 days :) much fun. We spent a full 24 hours (not in row) at super fun DISNEYLAND. We all could not get enough, we went three different days for about 8 hours! May I add that these were very pleasant hours, we did not have to force the boys to have fun:) I think we have pretty much rode all the rides (height permitting). I have decided Disneyland is the most fun way to walk 10 miles a if I would just do that everyday. Anyway, thank you Mom for such a fun visit. We love you! Come back soon......we know you will!!!!

Brian and I are big fans of the show "Big Brother" case you are wondering who these people are.
Nate's new favorite ride...Pirates of the Caribbean
Benny and his Girlfriend Maia :)
All the kids about to ride on toy story ride


  1. Such cute pictures!! Scott and I are big fans of Big Brother, also. I wish it was on more than once a year! :)

  2. Me too! We were just talking about that last night....we miss it when it is not on :) how sad hahahaha