Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My baby started Preschool!

Nate's first day of preschool was this morning! He was so excited! He has been talking about going to school for weeks. When we arrived he rushed in to play with all the fun toys they had set up for the kids. He seemed fine when I left, but the teachers said he got upset a few times during the class. He keep crying out to them "Please help me find my mama". They said they felt bad for him, but luckily he was easily distracted. He ran to greet me when I picked him up. He told me he had so much fun, so I think it went really well.
What a big boy!
On the other hand Ben's experience was a little more traumatic, although he was not enrolled in the preschool class. I let him play while Nate was getting settled and he grew rather fond of this fireman hat. He was very upset when I made him take it off and leave the classroom. hehehehe poor Benny!
I was so concerned with not being late this morning I forgot to take a picture of Nate with his backpack and lunchbox. The good news is we actually got to the class on time (miracle of miracles), bad news is you will have to wait for that picture until Thursday.

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  1. aww sooo cute those boys! can't believe nate nate is in preschool! such a big boy!