Friday, September 11, 2009

Just another day at Disneyland

OK if you are tired of our Disneyland visits...please skip over this post. As for the boys and I we are NOT tired of our fun filled days at Disneyland! Here are some pictures of our trip today with our friends Christine and Chloe. We had so much fun with you ladies! Thank you for meeting up with us.
Playing in Toontown
It's a Small World
Nate requested I take a picture of Jessie and Woody...does this surprise anyone
Since I don't get to dress my boys in pink, I was a little obsessed with Chloe's princess hat :)
Isn't she adorable! Nate was very excited to pose with Lighting McQueen in California Adventure.
He looks so old to me in this picture. Nate and Ben's ride of the week is Monsters Inc....we rode it four times this week ;)The boy and I finished the trip watching the bugs life show. Nate loved it and thought the 3D effects were "really cool". Ben got a little scared, but he clapped at the end.
So I think it was a success! Nate look so cute posing in his "bug vision glasses".Ben was not really having his most photogenic day;) hehe.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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