Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disneyland Wednesdays

We spent every Wednesday in the month of May at Disneyland. We missed our toy story and Disney friends. My pass is up the end of June we are trying to go as much as possible in case we end up moving soon. Enjoy our pictures from the May visits!Our friends Christi and Jillian
My little man loves the carousel

This was amazing to me.....he draws the characters with water! Street Art

Toy Story Ride
Miss Riley

Running around in the movie room at CA Adventure

At one point all Benny, Eli, and Jillian were asleep so Christi watched them while Nate and I rode the Matterhorn. He also got to ride Soar'n over CA because he just hit 40in. Benny is 39in so he can't wait to ride some of the bigger rides. At least he is more average height for his age so he will not have to wait as long as Nate has.

Jamba juice has fruit and veggie smoothies....the babies loved them!

Beach Beach Beach

Did I already say we missed the BEACH!