Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ben's First Haircut!

This week both of my handsome boys have gotten haircuts! I wanted to show off their new looks :) This was Benny's first haircut. His hair has grown like a little old mans hair, he was very slow to get hair on the top of his head but the sides sure were a growing. Brian decided to trim those side burns. Ben loved it, he especially loves when we brush his hair I think he finds it very relaxing. Brian also gave Nate a little trim that turned full blown haircut. It was a little off on one side so we took him today to spruce it up a bit. He sat so well, the hairdresser was so impressed. He was most excited about his balloon, he got to pick out the color and everything. Ben also got a balloon for tagging along. Overall we had great haircuts, I still am waiting to find a kids haircutting place that does not cost like $20.

Nate before the new do.

Nate with his new look! Nate before the new do.

The boys with their balloons!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Little Alan Jackson

Our little Nate has been a big Alan Jackson fan for about the last eight months. It started off with his love for the song "Goodtime" he then shortly after discovered some of Alan's oldies but goodies. Some of his other favorites are Country Boy, Chattahoochee, Livin on Love, and Summertime Blues. Some other of Nate's favorites include Toby Keith "Me and God Love Her" and Brad Paisley "Start a Band". He has a few alternative/rock songs he likes as well as the beach boys. He will tell you right away when a song comes on if he likes it or not!

For your viewing pleasure...

Highlights of the Day...

Aliso Beach

Saturday we took my mom to one of our favorite beaches. We have made a special point to explore new areas every weekend since we are not for sure how long we will be living in this area. Brian had looked up the best toddler beaches a month or so ago and we stumbled across this beautiful secluded beach. The beach park is called Treasure Island and it is just south of Laguna Beach, about 35 minutes from our new home. It is located behind this amazing Resort, that I would love to stay at one day. I wanted to show my mom how great the beach was, there is a beautiful rock archway and tide pools that catch all sorts of creatures. However the highlight of this trip was seeing the dolphins! The boys had so much fun playing in the sand and running all over.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grandma Juee's Visit

Grandma Juee has been keeping us company these last two weeks. We are so grateful to have her here! Both the boys and I have missed her so much. We have been enjoying walks at the beach as well as lots of outings (which are much more difficult and not as much fun by myself). Thanks for all the help, we love you!

On the peir in Huntington Beach

Enjoying an afternoon with Juee

Mommy, Nate, and Ben playing in the sand

Bounce House Party

Friday one of the moms in our playgroup rented a bounce house for the kids. There were about 20 moms with toddlers. We all had the best time! Her backyard was perfect and the weather was wonderful. The boys were so worn out when it was time to leave.

Nate loves bouncing!

Benny playing ball.
Nate tending (pretending) to drive.

Ben mowing the lawn. (I am sure his daddy would love to put this skill to use)

Swinging in the double swing.

South Coast Plaza

This past week my mom, the boys, and I headed to South Coast Plaza to do some shopping and ride the carousel. Nate loved riding on the horsey, Benny was a little unsure. We had such a fun day! Grandma Juee got the boys bike helmets and Benny a guitar for Valentines day. Nate had been wanting a bike helmet so bad.

Nate showing off his new helmet, like Caillou!

Nate wanted Benny to have a helmet too!

Monday, February 16, 2009

3 day potty training, so far so good...

Last Wednesday with the help from grandma Juee we started the 3 day potty training method. Nate is doing so well, we are so proud of him. I have to admit I was a little sceptical but it really works! Today, Day 6 we went to the mall and ran errands all day and not one accident! It is even working at night, yea no more diapers. Mommy is really excited! My favorite part is that Nate tells everyone else that he is proud of them when they go potty. HaHaHa

He also enjoyed wearing the underwear on his head, go figure!

Happy Valentines Day!

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day Weekend! Grandma Juee has been in town this past week and offered to watch the boys overnight, so Saturday Brian and I headed to San Diego for the evening. We had such a great time! It was so nice not to have to feed anyone but myself :)and have those margaritas I had been wanting. To top it all off I got to sleep in until 9:30am! Brian and I enjoyed our night off, thank you Juee! The boys had a great time and luckily were very well behaved for their grandma.

Nate opening his care package from MiMi and Pawpa. He was so excited and Benny loved his little puppy. Thank you for all the goodies!!

Nate dancing on the patio on Valentine's Day. He was excited to wear his guitar shirt!

Lots of love from all of us to you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lots of fun playdates..

The boys and I have been having so much fun in the playgroups we have joined. Last week we went to storytime, an outdoor puppet show, and several great parks. I think this weeks favorite was storytime. Nate was up at the front the whole time talking to all the kids and jumping up and down. Ben enjoyed playing in the kids area, he loved running up and down the aisles pulling as many books of the shelf as he could grasp. Only one person offer to help me with my children that day, so I think we must be making great strides. :)

At the Bella Terra Puppet Show. Nate was teaching Benny how to clap, Benny was polite and did not tell Nate he already knew how to clap.

Benny enjoying the show..

Nate tackling Benny, they have so much fun together!

At a fun park we found in huntington harbor.

Peek a Boo

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am in love with my new stroller!

I am so pumped about my new double jogger. This is by far the best stroller I have ever purchased (this is my fourth double stroller, consignment sales love me). This stroller is made by phil and ted, I have no idea who phil and ted are, but I am in love with them. The greatest thing about it is the back seat comes off and it can be a single jogger. It has the swivel wheel in front which is great. We actually fit in the elevator the through the aisles at the stores yeah!
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