Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ben's First Haircut!

This week both of my handsome boys have gotten haircuts! I wanted to show off their new looks :) This was Benny's first haircut. His hair has grown like a little old mans hair, he was very slow to get hair on the top of his head but the sides sure were a growing. Brian decided to trim those side burns. Ben loved it, he especially loves when we brush his hair I think he finds it very relaxing. Brian also gave Nate a little trim that turned full blown haircut. It was a little off on one side so we took him today to spruce it up a bit. He sat so well, the hairdresser was so impressed. He was most excited about his balloon, he got to pick out the color and everything. Ben also got a balloon for tagging along. Overall we had great haircuts, I still am waiting to find a kids haircutting place that does not cost like $20.

Nate before the new do.

Nate with his new look! Nate before the new do.

The boys with their balloons!

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