Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aliso Beach

Saturday we took my mom to one of our favorite beaches. We have made a special point to explore new areas every weekend since we are not for sure how long we will be living in this area. Brian had looked up the best toddler beaches a month or so ago and we stumbled across this beautiful secluded beach. The beach park is called Treasure Island and it is just south of Laguna Beach, about 35 minutes from our new home. It is located behind this amazing Resort, that I would love to stay at one day. I wanted to show my mom how great the beach was, there is a beautiful rock archway and tide pools that catch all sorts of creatures. However the highlight of this trip was seeing the dolphins! The boys had so much fun playing in the sand and running all over.

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  1. Erin! I am so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to have a good chunk of time to read it all, and catch up on your life in California. The pictures look AMAZING!! I love all of the pictures of your handsome boys! I hope you guys are doing well, and miss seeing your faces at church on Sundays.