Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lots of fun playdates..

The boys and I have been having so much fun in the playgroups we have joined. Last week we went to storytime, an outdoor puppet show, and several great parks. I think this weeks favorite was storytime. Nate was up at the front the whole time talking to all the kids and jumping up and down. Ben enjoyed playing in the kids area, he loved running up and down the aisles pulling as many books of the shelf as he could grasp. Only one person offer to help me with my children that day, so I think we must be making great strides. :)

At the Bella Terra Puppet Show. Nate was teaching Benny how to clap, Benny was polite and did not tell Nate he already knew how to clap.

Benny enjoying the show..

Nate tackling Benny, they have so much fun together!

At a fun park we found in huntington harbor.

Peek a Boo

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  1. I did NOT know you had a blog, girlie!!!! So excited to find it and YES, you all must come over when you're i town next month. Or we'll come see you. Either way we need all these boys to meet! Think about you guys often and hope you're enjoying cali!

    love, the safrans