Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juee turns 14

My mom is a leap year birthday, so this year she turns 14!
She wasn't going to be in California on her actual birthday so we celebrated with the extended family a little early. Nate and Benny helped me make a leap frog cake for her. It is hard to believe she is 14, we turned 9 the same year (boy did I think that was cool).
Nate sampling the cupcakes he frosted and sprinkled completely by himself (I think he ate them by himself too, but who's counting)

Nate and Uncle Mark (my moms brother)
Andy, Taylor, and Aunt Diane

We also attended a birthday party for February birthdays at one of Juee's favorite spots Pechanga Casino. I had never been there (I am not much of a gambler) except to use the potty when we were house hunting. The birthday party was a little lame, but we both won on slots so it was a successful visit. She gave me 20 bucks to play and I make $730, so I consider that a pretty good birthday outing. We went out afterwards for a birthday dinner, my treat!

Happy Birthday Juee, we love you!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harveston Lake

Aunt E and Uncle Jeff sent me a new lens for my birthday. We spent an afternoon playing at Harveston Pond so I could practice. I think the boys had as much fun as I did (if climbing and running are involved they always have fun).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Angry Birds

Nate likes to borrow my camera and take pictures of his birds......hehehehe
He said he wants to have an Angry Birds Birthday Party this summer.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fighting the bad guys!

They even put duck tape on my cake pan to create another shield. I love these creative boys.
Be scared "Bad Guys"!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

California Adventure

Three Darth Vaders attacking Three Ursula dolls

Picking up all the Minnies and Mickeys...

Brother Bear Play Area..

Friday, February 24, 2012

21 months

Mr. Pumpkin is 21 Months old!
He loves to play on the playground, ride on his car, follow his brothers around, repeat everything we say. His favorite game is hide and seek. He loves balls of any kind. He is very much a class clown personality, if it makes his brothers laugh then there is no stopping ELI!

He is such a good eater, this boy will eat pretty much anything. He loves most all meat, fruit, and veggies. I just finally weaned him of his night time nursing a few weeks ago. He was getting old and it was time. He was my best little nurser and I am so glad I was able to feed him for so long.

At his 18 month appointment (we were a little late because of the move and changing docs / insurance) he measured 33.5 inches, 52% height, and weighed in at 23.5 lbs 8% weight. He has been pretty close to these percentiles since birth, we consider this tall for our family (not everyone can be!

I am a little biased but he is just the sweetest and most smiley little boy. It seems like he is happy almost all the time. He has by far been my easiest baby. This boy naps where ever including some ergo napping. He is the best cuddler. He loves to give everyone hugs and kisses. He is part of the loud family for sure. He loves to sing, scream, and just make noise :) I guess he figures this is normal, no one ever gave him any quiet time . He has a drama king personailty when he needs to get what he wants ( he already knows how the system works). Eli brings joy and laughter to our house. We love you Mr. Pumpkin!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Four Year OLD!

Mr Benjamin is Four years old!
His favorite color is blue. His favorite sport is basketball.
Benny's favorite meal chicken nuggets. He loves to paint and play with cars. He has a strange love for batteries. His favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean. Benny wants to be a fish when he grows up!
Benny is quite the charmer and he can always make me laugh. He keeps things very entertaining. This boy is very easy going.... unless you upset him, then watch out! He loves his brothers and his buddies. He has become very social and not as shy as he was when he was younger.
I took him to his four year appointment a few weeks back. It was like every other activity with Benny, entertaining!!! He really liked our new doctor in Temecula. He measured 3 ft 4 in (40in) so 40% height and weighed 35 lbs 39% weight. It was his first time to give a urine sample, he was hesitant at first. Once I told him it was a game, then he got excited. In fact he thought it was so fun, he wanted to steal the extra specimen cups so we could play at home :) I told him we would save this game for the docs office only hehehe! The four year old check is the one with all the shots! He got four shots and two finger pricks, boy was he mad. He screamed at the top of his lungs I am never coming back here again! At one point he whispered to me, "Lets sneak out before she gets back". In his defense his arms were swollen and red for days so I think it really hurt.
Benny we love you! Hard to believe you are already four!