Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juee turns 14

My mom is a leap year birthday, so this year she turns 14!
She wasn't going to be in California on her actual birthday so we celebrated with the extended family a little early. Nate and Benny helped me make a leap frog cake for her. It is hard to believe she is 14, we turned 9 the same year (boy did I think that was cool).
Nate sampling the cupcakes he frosted and sprinkled completely by himself (I think he ate them by himself too, but who's counting)

Nate and Uncle Mark (my moms brother)
Andy, Taylor, and Aunt Diane

We also attended a birthday party for February birthdays at one of Juee's favorite spots Pechanga Casino. I had never been there (I am not much of a gambler) except to use the potty when we were house hunting. The birthday party was a little lame, but we both won on slots so it was a successful visit. She gave me 20 bucks to play and I make $730, so I consider that a pretty good birthday outing. We went out afterwards for a birthday dinner, my treat!

Happy Birthday Juee, we love you!

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