Friday, March 2, 2012


So this moving in thing takes awhile......I am just now getting to all the fun stuff! Thought I would share a few of the rooms I have been working on. We had my Mom's second sewing machine moved with our TX stuff so she was able to make all the window treatments while she was here yay! Thanks Juee!
Above is the front room as you walk in. I think is is the formal living room, but since we didn't want to buy any furniture it is more of a little garden looking room.
Entry way
Upstairs hallway picture wall
A little messy, but this is how it always looks.
Book wall..... I bought Ikea picture ledges my dad put up to make a book wall for the boys.
I also covered same art canvases with fabric I liked to use as wall hangings.
Playroom chalkboard wall, chalk board paint on old pictures and Ikea ledges
living room

flower arranging
Painted our old kitchen hutch from Brian's Grandparents
Painted old oak table and chairs from Brian's Grandparents.
I also painted a headboard bench I found in Canton when we were home in September.
Still trying to figure out the windows for the breakfast area, I have the fabric just sitting on the rod I am thinking of using, what do you think?

That is all for now, more projects to come........
I have so much left to do but this is a start!


  1. Adorable, Erin! We can't wait to come visit :)

  2. Home plays vital role in every person's life. You share such nice pix of your home. I like most of hallway picture wall so much.


  3. Wow what's beautiful images of your home. Its all image is too good and fantastic. I like so much entry way and picture wall. You have done great work.

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