Friday, February 24, 2012

21 months

Mr. Pumpkin is 21 Months old!
He loves to play on the playground, ride on his car, follow his brothers around, repeat everything we say. His favorite game is hide and seek. He loves balls of any kind. He is very much a class clown personality, if it makes his brothers laugh then there is no stopping ELI!

He is such a good eater, this boy will eat pretty much anything. He loves most all meat, fruit, and veggies. I just finally weaned him of his night time nursing a few weeks ago. He was getting old and it was time. He was my best little nurser and I am so glad I was able to feed him for so long.

At his 18 month appointment (we were a little late because of the move and changing docs / insurance) he measured 33.5 inches, 52% height, and weighed in at 23.5 lbs 8% weight. He has been pretty close to these percentiles since birth, we consider this tall for our family (not everyone can be!

I am a little biased but he is just the sweetest and most smiley little boy. It seems like he is happy almost all the time. He has by far been my easiest baby. This boy naps where ever including some ergo napping. He is the best cuddler. He loves to give everyone hugs and kisses. He is part of the loud family for sure. He loves to sing, scream, and just make noise :) I guess he figures this is normal, no one ever gave him any quiet time . He has a drama king personailty when he needs to get what he wants ( he already knows how the system works). Eli brings joy and laughter to our house. We love you Mr. Pumpkin!


  1. Eli is just precious! Can't believe he is 21 months! Time flies! We miss you guys and love all the photos!!!

  2. We love him too! And no you're not at all being bias he IS the easiest & happiest baby I've ever met!!! Can't believe he's almost 2!!!