Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eli's Texas Birthday Party

Mr. Eli was lucky enough to get to celebrate his birthday with two parties, one in Texas and one in California. We did the TX party a few weeks before his actual birthday. This way we got to celebrate with all the family and his TX buddies. Eli was asleep most of the time his baby friends were there but he got to enjoy everyone that stayed late!
Eleanor, Canon, and Eleanor

These five babies are all with in a few months of each other
Asher, Joshua, Eleanor, and Canon

Tequila shots at a 1st

Mr. Pumpkin sleeping during his party
The big kids

We did a beach theme for this California native

The Birthday Boy with Juee

The ultimate party game....weight lifting the children

Eli loved his sand bucket cake with applesauce

Time to dye Easter Eggs

Thank you everyone for joining us to celebrate this sweet boy!

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