Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

I think I would be super jealous of all you Texans who are getting snow today....but I am not because we got to play in the snow yesterday YAY! This was my kind of snow an hour, play a few, and return to 60 degree temps.
The boys have never really seen more than an inch of snow so it was fun getting to see their faces. I can't wait to take them skiing...maybe next year we can work in a Colorado trip depending on where we are living. Benny wasn't sure at first if he was going to like it, but once he figured out he could make snowballs and throw them he was sold. Nate had fun making a snowman with Maia, Cade, and Missy. Thanks guys for driving and making it such a wonderful day in the snow!
Snow Angels

Snowball Fight

Look at the snowman we made (with Miss Missy's help)
Now let us destroy it!

Look his head

Missy, Cade, and MaiaNot really in the mood!

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  1. California is amazing! How awesome that you only had to drive an hour away to see all of that snow! I love the pictures!