Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Party

Monday we had a little V-day Party with one of our playgroups so in preparation Nate helped me make cake balls to give to all his little friends. I had seen these on a blog I follow and I have always wanted to make them. One of my friends mom's made them for a shower about a month ago so I got the recipe from her and decided to try them out. This was such a fun activity for Nate to help with!!!

The finished product...
The recipe....
Nate's Favorite Cake Balls

Bake any flavored cake mix as directed on box in a 9 x12 pan
Cool cake and crumble it
Dump into the crumbled cake any flavor of canned frosting
Mix well (fingers are best at this as well)
Form into balls and place on a wax papered cookie sheet and freeze. (freezing the balls makes dipping them easier)
Melt almond bark (use white or chocolate depending on your flavor of cake-you can add food coloring to the white bark-i added red to make pink)
begin dipping the balls into the melted bark
Also if you have problems with the almond bark clumping once you add the food coloring I tried the colored candy coating you can buy at Mic heals in the cake section, they sell it in all different colors.
A few pictures from our party, the kids had a blast.....

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