Thursday, October 22, 2009

No News YET

We all know I am NOT the journalism major of the family so I apologize in advance for my grammar, spelling, and lack of interesting words :)

I can not believe we almost moved to California one year ago! On one hand it seems like ages ago and on the other if feels like I was just on the plane praying I could get through one day at a time. As most of you know we were probably the last family you would have suspected moving from thier home town they basically both grew up in. I think we even shocked ourselves as well as all of our family and friends.

I am happy to say that this past year has been such a positive experience for all of us (except maybe the grandparents)! It has really helped Brian gain confidence in his career and I think will pay off big time in the long run. I am really proud of him. I would have never pictured him delivering presentations to large groups of people let alone the president of Honda on the America side. He had a hard time talking to me when we first started dating :) hehehe. I feel like it has really made me realize what I am capable of too. I now know that chooseing to be a stay at home Mom is the best job for me and it is what is best for my kids. Brian and I have really benefited from the move as a couple too! When you have no one else to lean on but each other, it really brings you closer together. The boys miss everyone, but other than that the move was seamless for them. I am so amazed at how resilient children are!!!! If we all could just take their lead, we would be much better off. We have meant some really great people here and gotten to do so many fun things as a family we would have never experienced.

This is being said, our ultimate goal is still to get back to Texas but the time Nate starts kindergarten. I really just need to trust in God and look to him for next steps. Brian's training program is coming to an end and we should find out tomorrow where we are off to next. There is a good chance they will keep us here, but there has also been talk of Georgia or Delaware. We should find out tomorrow afternoon, the anticipation is killing me. I am worst than a kid at Christmas, I have been stalking Brian for any information for months. I know I have been driving him insane ;) I will let everyone know as soon as we hear!!!

Whatever the decision is I want to make the best of it and keep my focus on "everything happening for a reason". So we shall see...........

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  1. i will come visit you no matter what...even in delaware!! your boys will love the snow as much as the beach!