Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not me Monday...just one more

OK I know it is Tuesday but this is just fits to well......

Today I did not drive 40 minutes to sonic in Anaheim just to get a route 44 raspberry tea. When I got there I did not wait another 20 minutes for them to take my order only to get a gross tea that tasted nothing like the Sonic that I am familiar with! I did not proceed to then drive thru the KFC across the street just to settle for a large diet Pepsi :( Luckily the boys did not sleep the whole time my adventure was happening!

Did anyone follow??

Anyways the boys and I are headed to Dallas in the morning. Please pray we have sweet people surrounding us and the boys are on their best behavior! We are so excited, Nate has been talking about Juee's and MiMi's homes all week :)

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