Thursday, July 16, 2009

We made it to Dallas

Well we have Dallas!

We are so excited to be at home for 10 days. The boys and I flew in yesterday and we will be staying until next Sunday. Brian is flying in Saturday and he will be working in the Dallas office this week.

Overall we had a great flight here, some of the highlights were......

Benny throwing toy dinosaurs at the lady sitting next to us.
Nate listening to his IPod and belting Taylor Swift for all to hear.
Benny laying on the airplane floor for at least a few minutes, seemed like a few hours :)
Nate yelling loudly he would like to pee in the airplane bathroom.

They really did well! We got several complements on the way off the plane, maybe people were being nice but it made me feel good. We are getting to be pros at this flying solo thing :)

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