Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fusch Family

I got to meet Buddy Fusch while I was home :) My friend Lindsey and her hubby Blake adopted an adorable stray dog (they were unable to locate his owners after a long search). While they were searching for Buddy's parents they became very attached to Buddy. Buddy found a great home!!

Buddy is no longer the NEWEST member of the Fusch Family..... Lindsey and Blake are expecting their first child in mid-march. I am so excited for them and Baby Fusch. I am so grateful we were in town and they got to share the news with us in person. Congratulations to Lindsey and Blake, you guys are going to make great parents!!!!!! You can get the update on the Fusch family by visiting Lindsey's Blog....
The Fusch Family
Buddy the Dog

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