Monday, August 31, 2009

Girls Day Trip to LA

This past Sunday while Lindsey and Rachel were visiting we decided to do a girls day trip to LA. I have only been to LA a handful of times and I really want to explore while we live so close! We did some touring, shopping, and eating! I seemed to have no problem eating as much or more than the my preggers friend ...... I wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable ;) he he. The day was sooo relaxing, it was a much a need day away from the kiddos with to girls I love very much! Thank you Lindsey and Rachel for coming to visit!!!We stopped in Long Beach on the way home to have dinner. I love eating on patios it makes me feel like I am on vacation too :) We also stopped and saw the Queen Mary due to my poor navigational skills.
Even though Nate and Benny had a boys day with daddy, I still got really excited when I saw things they might like. Nate would have been going crazy if he would have seen "Woody" outside of the Kodak Theatre. I also got to see Sully, Barney, and SpongeBob. I think I was a bit too over joyed....when I screamed to linz and rach..look who it is! (hahaha). I also saw a pretty cool hotwheels sign.....I am such a boys mom, I have a new found love for cars and trains. The "Troubadour" also has a special meaning to Nate (originating from the George Strait song), Nate calls all his little characters toys "troubadours". Who knows why, but I am not sure what we would call them if we didn't call them troubadours.
Below are all the pictures I took on our (very hot) Double Decker bus tour of LA. The idea was good in theory it was just a little bit to warm to fit into the completely enjoyable category. I have not spent much time exploring LA so it was fun to hear some of the historical tidbits. We stopped at The Grove to have lunch and do a little shopping.

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  1. i am surprised you can't see all the sweat marks on my dress. i am petty sure i slid off my seat while the bus took a sharp left turn. oops. i am also pretty sure i STILL ate more than you guys on this trip. by the time you guys had your first meal of the day, i already had three.