Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Large Shower Gift

Brianna (Aunt B) and Uncle Matthew A few pictures from Brianna's shower two weeks ago. Matthew surprised her with a new CAR! They had been shopping around but he decided to make the purchase and drive it to the shower to surprise her. It was soooo sweet. So here's how it happened... she was done opening all her presents he walked in the front door. She looked at at us and said "what is he doing here and what is he wearing" HaHaHa. He took her hand and handed her the keys and he told her he loved her. It was great to see his face filled with excitement. We love Uncle Matthew!
In front of their new car!

Debbie (my mother in law) in front of her new ride :) with her old friends from Southwest.

Brianna with the hostesses of the shower.

It was a lovely shower! I gave Brianna the perfect "regift". It was a little of an inside joke... For my wedding I received a present from a friend of Brian's side of the family. The present include three picture frames in boxes. From the outside the present was normal, on the inside all three boxes included enclosure cards. The first one I pulled out had Debbie's handwriting on it. I was so confused and it took me a few minutes to figure out that she had given this to the couple for their wedding several year earlier! The other two cards were also gifts to them from other friends. We got the biggest laugh!!! So I decided to continue the tradition and pass them along.

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