Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fishing Trip

Last year on one of my parents visits the Helmars offered to take us fishing on their boat. Juee, PopPop, Brian, and Nate all joined Cade and Craig last year. This year we decided Benny was old enough for the adventure so Missy watched Eli and we all went fishing.
We found out that Benny was old enough but is maybe not the fishing type. Mr. Benny got really seasick and miserable. Let us just say Juee, Benny, and I got dropped off at Dana Point and Juee left with a souvenir t-shirt. I was so thankful I took the motion sickness medicine! We had a nice afternoon shopping and going out to lunch at Dana Point.

The rest of the crew had a great time. Cade and Nate spent most of the time playing with the bait, which was very entertaining. They ended up catching a nice sized halibut, it made for a very yummy dinner :) Thank you so much Craig for taking us out!!!

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