Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 Weeks

Baby is really growing fast! I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday before we fly out for Dallas. I have been feeling great! I keep praying everything will continue to progress smoothly. This weekend I cleared out one side of the boys closet for the baby and worked on making a spot for him on one side of our room. I am bringing a few suitcases back to Dallas so I can pick up baby boy's cloths and other baby necessities. It is really nice to know I have boxes of cloths for him already and I don't need to buy much of anythingCheck Spelling. I am really missing not doing all the nursery planning, painting, etc. but I am trying to focus on enjoying the weather (it has been in the 80s several days this past week). Our living situation will most likely be short term once the baby is born. I can't wait to see what adventures are awaiting us!
We had a wonderful day at Disneyland yesterday, my friend Lori and her 5 Month old daughter went with us. I think we had all missed going over the holidays and it was so nice there were no crowds. Today my high school friends Amy, Lindsey, and Rachel are coming in for the weekend. We are going to see Conan on Friday and spend a girls weekend in LA. I am very to come. Brian will be having a boys weekend with Nate and Benny. Baby boy #3 is being forced to go on the girls weekend, but I think he is excited because he will be going to see Conan (and he doesn't have much choice). I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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