Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Bass Pro Fun

A favorite past time of ours.... Brian and I used to take Nate up to the Bass Pro in Grapevine to see the fish, look at all the animals (or as I have been told they are called "game"), and play in the tents. I had no idea they had one out here.........but I should have known they have just about everything out here (besides SONIC sniffle sniffle). Wednesday we went with our friends Cade and Maia to check it out.
They had a whole little kids section set up for Christmas...what fun!Ben watching the remote control cars race around the track
Nate told me he was killing the creatures (this should cancel out the pink gun right?)
Then he asked if I could get him some more candy to reload his gun hehehehe.
Ben also enjoyed the 4 wheeler
Nate and Maia testing out the boats

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