Friday, December 25, 2009

20 Weeks

20 WeeksI can not believe we are over halfway there to having our third little boy! This pregnancy has by far gone by the fastest. I pray everything continues this smooth and I can just enjoy every moment before things get crazy for a little while. We are still working on names....I will keep you posted. This was our third little one I was calling Caroline but I have a feeling he is not too thrilled about that...hehehe. Nate is still calling him Mr. Pumpkin and he always includes him when he draws our family in his cute.
I know my picture is not at Disneyland but it was very crowded this week, so you will have to deal with the beach. Either way this is much more interesting than the pictures I took with Nate and Ben (see third babies get the royal treatment too).


  1. Aww, you look too cute Erin!! We really need to get together when you come to visit :)

  2. You look so cute! And I'll deal with the beach any day, I miss it so much! 3 boys, Erin!!!! :) WOW! I have a feeling we'll be in the same boat soon enough too ;)