Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party

Last week we had a little Christmas Party with the boys and their closest friends at a Park in Huntington. My sweet friend Nina brought all these fun Christmas crafts for the kids to make. Thanks Nina! Crafting the gingerbread houses

Lily and Maia splitting the pull and peel ;)
Notice the homes are still in tact...tornado Nate has not yet hit
Cade and Jack
Miss Maia
prepare for tornado Nate
The aftermath~!
Benny's house...OK I helped a little ;)
The kids drew name and each brought one present.
All the kiddos getting ready to open presents...besides Ben who was not feeling particularly photogenic

Benny got a very cool hot wheels and this super fun book about trucks/cars.....Thank you Jack!
Nate and Cade drew each other....they both got cash registers. Thanks Cade!
What a fun party!!!!!

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