Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas time at Disney

So Wednesday was a really fun day....although we did not get to find out if Mr. Pumpkin is a boy or a girl....we did get to go to Disneyland! The boys did such a good job at the doctor they deserved an afternoon of fun. The weather was brisk but it was actually really nice! We are enjoying our weekly visits.
We should find out this next Tuesday if Baby Nickell is a boy or girl.
This is one of Nate's picture spots in case you are wondering why we have so many. He always stops and wants to take a picture with the scary guys. He really wanted a picture with Jafar (his latest scary guy obsession...also the name he has chosen for Mr. Pumpkin) but we didn't see him out. I have only seen him at Halloween so Nate may be waiting a long time.
Ben loves to sing the Winnie the Pooh Song..he has never seen the show but it is his favorite ride. Benny and Maia Cade and Nate

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